Terms and conditions of sale

Ticket and service sales regulations for Botanical Garden Museum – Department of Environmental Biology.

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully as they govern the ticket sales contract you may eventually enter into. These terms and conditions govern the sale of tickets and services (services are defined as educational services, roster reservations, etc.) for the Botanical Garden Museum

Technical steps for the conclusion of the contract

  • All customers/visitors must have a valid ticket (or admission ticket) to enter the Botanical Garden Museum.
  • Admission ticket must be purchased through the sales channels operated by Botanical Garden Museum – Department of Environmental Biology.
  • Under no circumstances may a ticket purchased in advance be transferred for consideration or brokered.
  • Purchased services are not refundable for any reason or cause; for those exceptional cases due to unforeseeable weather events, postponement of entry and enjoyment of the purchased service will be made.
  • In case of internet sale, the customer/visitor will receive via email the QR code to collect the ticket. The ticket is valid for one admission, lasts until midnight of the same day.
  • In the case of purchase via the Internet, the customer/visitor is required to verify the correctness of the reservation, confirmation of which is sent by email. If he/she finds any inaccuracies, or if he/she does not receive the confirmation e-mail, he/she should immediately contact the contact center at info-ortobotanico@uniroma1.it to make the necessary changes/additions. No further changes can be requested later at the ticket office
  • It is mandatory to show at the ticket office the confirmation of the reservation and/or purchase made, in electronic format, paper format is not required.

Codes of Conduct

The purchase of the entrance ticket implies signing the regulations below:
Visitors are reminded that it is not allowed:

  • Picking flowers and fruits, removing branches and other parts of plants
  • Climbing trees, damaging plants, architectural structures and equipment
  • Smoking and throwing cigarettes and garbage of any kind
  • Introduce dogs and other animals
  • lighting fires and digging holes
  • abandon avenues and paths
  • Use bicycles, scooters, and vehicles of any kind
  • Harassing wildlife (cats, birds, amphibians and fish)
  • Throwing stones and gravel into fountains, ponds, tanks, streams and into lawns
  • move the benches
  • play ball
  • Taking photographs and video footage for commercial purposes without permission

dispute resolution tools

For any complaints, the e-mail address is info-ortobotanico@uniroma1.it