Full Ticket (04-12-2023)


5.00 euro

Totale: 0.00€

  1. Buy tickets using the buttons above and complete the checkout process.
  2. You will receive the tickets in the e-mail provided during the purchase. Check your spam folder.
  3. If you have bought more than a ticket, you will have more QR codes. Share them to your friends!
  4. Scan your personal QR Code using the QR reader. Set the brightness of your phone to maximum for easier reading
  5. Read the feedback message on the display, wait for the unlock signal and go through the turnstile within 10 seconds

If the ticket is validated and you do not cross within 10 seconds, the ticket will no longer be usable or refundable

If you encounter problems go to the ticket office in Largo Cristina di Svezia 23A